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And, for what it’s worth, she’s really, go-to dating advice that anyone can apply to their lives—no matter the size of his or her banking account—and, with her help, we’ve compiled them all right here.

But if you’re going the dating-app route, don’t miss our definitive collection of the best ones should be using.

“You never want to enter quicksand territory by talking about previous relationships beyond a short 45-second sound byte,” she says.

“If you find yourself entering this slippery slope, kick yourself under the table, bite your tongue, and immediately project forward.” If you accidentally veer into this topic, here’s how to turn it around: “…and she was smart and kind-hearted, and I can tell you are very smart and extremely warm-hearted.

For that, I am thankful to be getting to know you tonight.” Bring it from the past to the present, and then move on to the next subject, ASAP.

And for even more great dating advice, here’s how to impress any woman.

Sure, you might have a specific idea of what you’re looking for, but instead of just considering your date’s job, where they grew up, and who their favorite author is, give more weight to how you actually feel when talking to them.

“Focusing on facts can feel like an interrogation or an interview,” Andersen explains.

“It also feels very off-putting if you ask someone a question, they punt back and ask you the same one, and you refuse to answer it.

Keep questions and conversation to present and future tense as much as possible, she recommends. Facing forward invites your date to project and talk about what you want to do together in the future as opposed to focusing on the past—which was clearly not together.” And for more great dating advice, here are 30 things women always love to hear. “In order to find a relationship, you need to be honest about yourself. On the first date, the goal is to peel back a layer or two—maximum—about yourself.

Share your values, your background that shaped those values, and some of your interests.

Perhaps the more complex of all dating issues is long distance dating.

Long distance relationships are not for the faint hearted, one artist once said. Human interaction and relationships are built on our desire for companionship. Some have a stronger desire than others in this regard. After being asked so many questions and researching long distance relationships for a while now, I thought I'd do one massive post to answer these important questions.

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