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If you've ever suffered through a long-distance relationship, you're familiar with the painful mix of love, longing, and resentment.

What worked for us was writing in a journal that I bought as a Christmas gift two week weeks after we met. Even now, my husband will take it with him on business trips to write to me when he’s away.

The two of them Skype, he told me, but not obsessively: "Your girlfriend can't be a cell phone or a computer." And there was a bright spot I was missing. In this new reality, we'd reserve text messaging for flirtatious asides that never required a response.

"You get to see each other a couple of weeks later," he said, "and it's like you're seeing each other for the first time." Maybe so. Previously harried morning phone calls were replaced with quick video texts that I shot on my i Phone.

Obviously, we’ve written in it less since having both of our children, but looking back on our dating life through its pages has been priceless.”“I made sure that I got a degree before I moved for him (so that I’d have an education in case it didn't work out)—and also tried to do things for myself and by myself or with friends to not only focus on the relationship and to have some fun.

Of course, setting a date for me moving in with him also helped.”“We met through an online game so, even when we were apart, we were frequently on the game together.

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