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If you actually care about tolerance for all, even those who have different political opinons from you, he’s about as funny as the credit crunch.” Genghis Mc Kahn, uk “Sorry, Something has gone wrong (Error 500).

Where he tries to wear the “never hitting mainstream” as a cloak (Even naming a tour after it) the cracks appear when you’re one on one with him.Whoever this youth is, he sounds about as funny as three weeks of really bad weather!” Shane, Beverley, uk “Only a Sun reader could mistake this dross for intelligent comedy. Here’s to hoping this particular vehicle runs off the road.He does have an incredibly punchable face, doesn’t he?(I could just close my eyes, but fantasizing about punching Stewart Lee is still more fun than sitting in complete, stony silence.) Fucking smug-faced cunt.” Pudabaya, “I’d never punch Stewart Lee in the face. ” General Lurko 36, uk “Lee makes pretentious lefty dickheads feel good about themselves and superior to others.

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