Friend stream android not updating

Android users: Yes, but only if you give us the permission to play the video in a floating mini player.

You need to have a premium Spotify account because of the access that Amp Me has to Spotify.

This mode is available for Spotify and Sound Cloud.Music will now be added to the queue For the Guest: 1- Join a party, playing from either Spotify Premium or You Tube Note: At this time, guests cannot add music from their own library2- Select the Add Music button, it is to the right of the host’s name and looks like a music note with a sign3- Select “Add Music” at the bottom, and you’re good to go!Music will now be added to the queue Since Amp Me is a social app, we encourage you to sign in with Facebook or Google so that it is easier to connect with other friends and family using the app!Learn more about Spotify’s Users Restrictions here: Spotify’s Licenses and Permissions:’s Legal User Agreement: https:// If you are nearby the host, we have a specific mode called “Speaker Mode”.In this mode, you just need to be near the host (approximately 10 meters) and in this case, your phone will act as a speaker mode.

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