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In this case you may wish to update the cells even though the underlying data has not changed.

Redraw rows is a much heavier operation than refreshing cells.

WPF Datagrid Update, Insert and Delete Operations….

As I was looking for the basic update, insert and delete Operations for the WPD Datagrid I came across many sites that showed how to accomplish the previous mentioned tasks but with the use of a button.

If refreshing cells meets your needs, then don't use redraw rows.

A row redraw will rip the row out of the DOM and draw it again from scratch.

Use redraw row if you want to create the row again from scratch.

First I would like to thank you for your great product and support.

Currently it just displays whatever value I have entered to the field on update.However sometimes you may be updating the data outside of the grids control.When you give data to the grid, the grid will not make a copy.This how it looks in source code: this._controller Call("update Item", updating Item, function(updated Item) { updated Item = updated Item

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