Honest reviews of dating sites

Ability to find love is fundamental to being happy in life.You should be able to find love and happiness irrespective of your age.

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He shows a green dot against him as meant to be online now - BUT a message appears above saying ' None of your connections are online now'.

6 months later, broke up, went back on there and hey surprise many yes many of the same bs profiles still on there. Just get your wallet out, another curious thing, I cancelled my account and deleted it, yet when came back on it recognised my email, reactivated my account and still had credit card details. I feel like I have been scammed by not only one of their members but also by the site itself. I had to pay to do anything useful only to get random matches to people not even in the same state.

Then if I wanted to guarantee to talk to people I had to pay even more, which I did not. Chat function often has delays which caused miscommunication.

One of the best gifts that nature gave to humanity is love.

Love is not affected by age, color, language, and other human-created restrictions.

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