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Old school players probably still have little black books — the modern crowd likely relies on their smartphones to store their “ready to go” booty call phone numbers. The vast majority of people, however, probably fall into the category of wanting to have plenty of casual hookup numbers, but sadly the only numbers on their phone belong to their local pizza joint and their mom’s house.

What must a person do to become a genuine, bonafide, authorized, sanctified, bonafide (wait, we had already used that adjective — doesn’t matter, we like how it sounds), bonafide, real player?

If not for our sense of duty to our readership to keep them informed of the latest in dating-related sites, we would have stopped right there.

The welcome page consists of 12 tiled images — half of which are of women, the other half being composed of creepy and desperate looking dudes.

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Through the magic of the internet, you can now search for love and lust from the climate-controlled comfort of your home.When you see those images, most women would probably stop right there, not wanting to run the risk of actually meeting the samples of masculinity put on display.Men, on the other hand, probably figure “well, if ugly dudes are getting laid, why not me? That was easy to do, considering that the red “Register for Free” button was located just below a line of banner text that read, “Get Laid in Your Hometown Today.”By clicking on that button you are redirected to the registration page.If you fail to click on that link, they will close your account after 24 hours.Style-wise, the main page was as austere as the welcome page.

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