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(Think: colorful filing boxes, a scented votive and framed lithograph.) Slogging through busy work?Take that stack of bills and your laptop to an outdoor cafe.

You have no problem getting into a horn-locking match, Bull; in fact, you relish a good debate.

) Even the annoying people probably aren’t TRYING to invade your space.

So just say no or a polite version of “back off” so you can get lost in whatever makes you happy today, from a creative work project to your summer novel. With the moon in your dreamy twelfth house, your concentration abilities won’t be at optimal levels.

If a romantic situation is occupying all your brain space, stop driving yourself crazy with “what ifs.” Instead, go directly to the source and get your questions answered. Set up a time to chat when you’re both free, not ten minutes before bae is about to go into an important meeting. In fact, under today’s Scorpio moon, your emotions could be too “dark and stormy” for that.

We’re not suggesting you cast gloom over everyone’s day. Who has time for small talk under today’s intense Scorpio moon?

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