How dose carbon dating work

This article will answer several of the most common creationist attacks on carbon-14 dating, using the question-answer format that has proved so useful to lecturers and debaters. Answer: Cosmic rays in the upper atmosphere are constantly converting the isotope nitrogen-14 (N-14) into carbon-14 (C-14 or radiocarbon).

Carbon-14 is radioactive, with a half-life of about 5,700 years.

How does Carbon 14 Dating work and does it support an old or young earth?

Also, distant stars, how do they determine an old or young universe? #C14, Carbon14Dating, #Carbon Dating Please subscribe and like our videos and give us an encouraging comment.

It may be used to date organic materials up to roughly 40,000 years old.

BTW, ordinary nonradioactive carbon (Carbon-12 and Carbon-13) by definition have a half life of infinity (not 0), as they do not decay! Carbon dating is not useful for dating things more than about 50,000 years old.

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