How to spot a player dating

It’s another to actually say “I love you” to that someone.If you are dating a guy, or have been talking to a guy for a very short amount of time, and he’s already told you he’s in love with you, he wants to marry you, surprises you with some random ass piece of jewelry, or anything else that feels like the setup of a Lifetime movie, then you are dating a player.Have you been talking to a guy that will be blowing your phone up constantly one day, and then you suddenly won’t hear from him for over 24 hours?

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It’s one thing to feel you might be falling in love with someone you recently started dating.

As women, we all know the whole look-over-the-shoulder-neck-turn-checkout routine, and it’s not slick!

The point is, if you have any type of connection that is more than just friends, and you catch his wandering eyes checking out other girls in front of you, don’t waste any more of your time on him.

If you have recently started dating a guy, and you know his last relationship ended because he cheated, the probability of him cheating again is pretty high.

If you happen to be the “other woman,” you know, the girl he cheated on his last girlfriend with, the probability of him cheating on you is even higher.

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