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Eventually I plucked up courage to ask him out on a date, but before we were to meet he told me he had something important to tell me and wasn’t sure how I’d take it.I immediately thought he might be married or had kids.when he told me that he was in a wheelchair, I was really shocked and if I’m honest my heart sank.I am single and I know it's not because I'm in a wheelchair. But for people with physical disabilities, these attitudes are great ways to cut the assholes loose at a rapid pace.I'm single mostly because I'm a bit of a dickhead and I have a low tolerance for idiots. The tone that is normally given in these interview situations is that the non-disabled person is exploring new territory. If you come across someone on Tinder or in real life that you sort of fancy but they have a disability, just go for it. Looks aren't everything, obviously, but with the Darwinian nature of dating apps, looks do count for A LOT when it comes to other people checking you out online.This is kind of a direct follow on from the Group Shots issue, but if you do have a pic on your profile of yourself with a better looking friend, you need to get rid of that pic immediately. You know who you are, and you're the worst people alive. Is it purely for the ego boost of knowing somebody, somewhere, finds you attractive enough to tell you that they find you attractive, so you can continue on about your day knowing that?

They’re missing out on meeting really nice people or really horrible people. I was surprised by the positive reaction from the texters too.

I was so self conscious the entire time but he was so cool and easy to talk to. They had given me a couple of hours to think over what I was going to say and, boy, did I.

He’s asked about meeting again but as much as I hate to admit it, I don’t think I can deal with it. I'm in the middle of writing a piece about Tinder and dating* that has nothing to do with wheelchairs or disability so I am full of ideas and, it turns out, rage.

I always thought I was a very open minded person but maybe I’m not I hate myself for being so shallow. On air, I said something along the lines of this: Tinder dates are weird and everybody has some anxiety going on one but you went through with it - so well done.

You worried about the right things - will he fit in the door and are the tables too high.

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