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Stejně tak, jako nyní může opustit manželku, opustí jednou Vás až přijde mladší a atraktivnější.

Chceme vytvářet příležitosti pro zajímavé lidi, kteří z různých důvodů, ať už špatných zkušeností, přirozené ostýchavosti, nedostatku času nebo jiným řízením osudu, zatím nenašli toho pravého nebo tu pravou.

Computer comedy double clicks at art/works in Hollywood through June 4. Take, for instance, "Internet Dating: The Musical." From the title alone, you figure it's ready to have a good time, and just moments into the first song, your expectations are confirmed in such eye-rollingly silly lyrics as: "Some people say that it's only for losers.

But Internet dating lets the beggars be choosers, from their computers." Cleverly conceived and appealingly performed, the show is putting a :-) face on audiences at the art/works theater in Hollywood as it ponders photos that overstate reality, profiles that try too hard and the myriad complications of trying to separate the wheat from the chaff. As portrayed by Ali Spuck, she's bright-eyed, plucky and forever pulling playfully goofy faces. Urged on by her gal pals (effervescently portrayed by Ali Pomerantz and Sandy Shimoda), Jenny signs on, signs up and takes the plunge.

The character we follow into this world is the sort we all know: that smart, funny, attractive person everybody wants to hang out with yet inexplicably remains uncoupled. Through what follows, we are reminded that no matter how high-tech the world gets, the old-fashioned things still apply.

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