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You’re apt to fall in love and then suddenly fall out of it.Even when you meet someone you can’t get enough of, when things start to become more serious, you’re afraid you’ll wake up one morning and want to walk away, thus hurting the person you’ve earnestly grown to care for.You’re practical, and you place career above all else.You’d love to have a partner, but you’re also reluctant to make a commitment that might get in the way of your success. If you don’t devote any time to your personal life, while you’re busy climbing the ladder, your friends may well be settling down.Love for you means completely knowing your partner and fully accepting who they are without asking them to change their core values.You are prone to seeing the best in people who aren’t right for you, and then engaging in “wishful thinking” about how that relationship will turn out.So, it’s important to listen to actions, not just words.Make sure your potential partner’s stories add up and behaviors don’t leave room for questions.

You’re a free spirit who likes to have fun, but you also have a big heart.You’re always on the go—traveling, dinner with friends, hobbies galore, etc.Your biggest fear is that having a long-term partner will prevent you from doing something (anything) that you really want to do (someday). Realize that if it’s truly that important, most partners will support you in your endeavors.You lack the FOMO gene and really just want to enjoy your life while you’re young.Later on though—like when you’re settled in your career and your friends are settling down—you’ll fully commit.

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