Is daniel henney dating zhu zhu

More recently she appeared in the Hollywood production , which tells the story of Sam Chao, a hotshot Chinese-American lawyer (played by South Korean actor Daniel Henney) who has relocated from New York to Shanghai. That is, until she started dating Lapo Elkann, one of the heirs to the sprawling Agnelli empire that includes car giant Fiat and Italian soccer club Juventus.Since then Zhu’s become one of the most talked-about starlets in China.

Zhu has also served as spokesperson for Land Rover’s Evoque series and the cosmetics company Olay. Despite her achievements, Zhu was hardly a household name in China.

If you watch Tubelight and feel like that you have seen Zhu Zhu somewhere before this, don't be surprised - we are about to remind you where you might have seen her.

And if you are seeing the actress for the first and are super impressed by her - which we are sure you'd be - and want to see more of her work, here is the list.

Though the series was not that popular, and only lasted two seasons, it has managed to garner cult following.

The series narrates the life Marco Polo, who was the first European, who wrote a detailed chronicle of his journey to China.

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