Is jennxpenn dating tyler

The storyline throughout the entire thing is that having your friends by your side, you can get through anything.

Watching these four friends go through all these different adventures together and always staying so close and helping each other out, it's just really heartwarming and sweet."It also worked out perfectly that You Tube picked up the series after Jenn, Logan, and their costars had already shot it — after all, that was where Jenn got her start and had earned a built-in following.

) "I used to always be really into entertaining my family, whether it was messing around and pretending to cry, or making videos and showing them in my living room.

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"I definitely wasn't as much of a dork as my character is, but I definitely had that close group of friends.

"When I found out it was going on You Tube Red, I was really, really excited about it," Jenn says about the new subscription service that offers premium content on par with Hulu and Netflix.

"So many people are already going to the Internet to watch their content, especially You Tube.

I feel like that's super personal." is a scripted series, but that doesn't mean that Jenn's taking a different approach to the show — or for promoting it on social media.

"Sometimes I don't think it even hits me that when I'm tweeting something, millions of people are reading it, because it seems so unrealistic," she admits.

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