Jensen ackles and danneel harris dating

Apparently DL is where inferior SLASH fantasist straight women come to pretend that gay men are just like women. Nothing about the Bible or religion on it, going back to 2009 when she first opened the account. Either that or he's all for screwing the 99% in order to line his pockets. In 2008 Jensen implied at a convention he supported Obama. He created it for the purpose of buying his current residence, in late 2009.She did say she would pray for the victims of the disaster in Joplin, Missouri, when the tornado struck, but that's pretty generic. Someone asked about the election and both he and Jared, whom we know supports Obama, said something that sounded positive about his election. Jensen agrees with the idea that spirituality is a good thing but religion causes problems.

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I’m not going to further any actor’s career so they can fight harder against my rights. Jensen and Misha Collins both do that deep/lower voice thing for character purposes in the show.But I agree, wishing death to someone for calling out homophobia is nuts. Dear original poster: Perhaps you should do your due diligence before claiming these so called contributions Jensen/Stone Park has made to Romney, Prop 8 etc...It's not too difficult to look online at certain political contribution websites and see that your ARGUMENT IS FUCKING INVALID,.“Oh, he didn’t mean it that way;” or “Oh, it was just a joke;” or “Oh, you’re taking his comments too literally;” bullshit like that. I’m sorry but affecting a lispy high-pitched voice while ineffectually slapping at someone OVER AND OVER AND OVER, TIME AFTER TIME AFTER TIME, IN EVERY POSSIBLE CONTRIVED SITUATION isn’t funny. And, similarly, using the word “gay” or “pansy” as a derogatory adjective in interviews isn’t okay either.Those things are evidence of a belief, people, an attitude toward gays, and I’m sick of guys lusting over him.

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