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There are NO ironies or whatever else you idiots are accusing me of, you twits @ 31 & 32. actors who sign on to do parts which require full-frontal sex scenes and don't even bother to wear cock socks and whatever the female equivalent to that is obviously don't care about erect or semi-erect.I also don't enjoy when gay men accuse another gay man of being a "fish" because they aren't a hyper sexual horndog. In fact, method actors probably welcome it as 'real.'[quote]actors who sign on to do parts which require full-frontal sex scenes and don't even bother to wear cock socks This makes no sense at all.R43, before you start giving people shit for thinking Jackson is "anonymous," understand that LOGO gets so little viewership that they don't even have enough money to pay Nielsen to *gauge* it, and that at best their original shows are seen by a couple hundred thousand people here.In TV terms, and in a country of over 300 million people, that's about as long to anonymous as it gets.2) "I'm disappointed Logo moved DTLA to 12am EST Saturday.

R25 / R33 just because your flip-outs are so bizarre they're entertaining, let's keep them coming... Your rant about gay men being interested in anonymous cock is irrelevant in the same way your ridiculous views on sex are. It's hilarious you claim to be interested in this thread because of Joshua Jackson but actually don't know his name, and then ask people on this thread what his name is. If you realize this thread is not for you, go away. You're making Jeremy Jackson look don't seem to follow the latest trends in indie films, particularly if they are non-American films r41.In August 2015, Jackson got arrested yet again for another alleged stabbing: A woman claimed that Jeremy stabbed her in the back, arm, and leg after they got into an argument about her boyfriend’s car.He was reportedly slapped charges of assault with a deadly weapon and criminal threats for the alleged August stabbing. 27, he was released from jail on bond and went straight to a rehabilitation center on the same day.Jeremy Jackson alum of Bay Watch has been in headlines more now because of his murder crime. The Baywatch alum, 36, was jailed for 270 days in the L. County Jail, but he will only spend 161 days behind bars because the judge gave him a 109-day credit. So Let’s Find out about the story of this and his other crimes!

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