Katt williams internet dating trailer

This attitude reinforces anti-homosexual sentiments within the Black community.I know from firsthand experience, that there are closeted homo/bisexual Black and Hispanic professional entertainers in sports and mainstream (movies, tv, music) media.See full summary » Set in a present day urban environment, "Jack Boyz" is the gritty tale of an ambitious crew of stick-up men with a flawless record.

This line of thinking guides the idea that, Black writers, directors, actors, etc.; no matter how hard they work, no matter how disciplined their grind is…unless they join the illuminati, they will not make it.I’m not in the mind of Katt but it could be he’s stating, “at least Richard Pryor acted out his homosexual activities on his own and with no quid pro quo,” and Kevin Hart is basically “gay for pay”…maybe.I don’t know but regardless this is still very damaging because the message to the audience is because Kevin may have homosexual tendencies, this makes his success less valid because his sexuality makes him less of a real man.For many, there are some additional parameters that need be met in order for success to be gained by Black Hollywood mainstream celebrities.Regardless if you believe or don’t believe in the illuminati, it’s damaging and sends the wrong message to the Black community.

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