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On September 2, 2006, Kevin Kouzmanoff of the Cleveland Indians took it one step further when he became the first player ever whose first home run was a grand slam which was hit with the first major league pitch he ever saw.

On June 12, 2010, Daniel Nava of the Boston Red Sox did it with the first pitch he ever saw as well, and it happened during an Interleague game!

How does someone hit a home run in his first major league at bat? Four of these players made their major league debut with one team and had to wait to have their first at-bat when they played for a different team.

These 120 Major League Baseball players stepped up and made themselves memorable (beyond just becoming a big leaguer).

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On June 25, 1968, Bobby Bonds hit a grand slam during his first Major League game (like Duggleby), but it was during his third at-bat.

Kirsten Day (Classical Department, Augustana College)Oral Examination Chair: M.Baseball Almanac is pleased to present these fabulous first at-bat home run swatters."Power is fine as long as it's consistent." - Whitey Lockman (who hit a home run during his first career at-bat with the New York Giants on July 5, 1945) in the Christian Science Monitor (03/13/1974, Page 17)Hoyt Wilhelm, a future National Baseball Hall of Fame pitcher, hit a home run during his first at-bat and then had a twenty-one year career without hitting one more long ball. Did you know that both Ernie Koy (Brooklyn Dodgers) and Heinie Mueller (Philadelphia Phillies) hit their home runs on the same exact date in the same game in the same inning (top and bottom of the first inning respectively), and it just happened to be on Opening Day?Just as Lucy gets permission to get Amy back using the time machine, she discovers that Carol is also part of Rittenhouse.In season two, Lucy is kidnapped by Rittenhouse, but later joins Carol and Emma in 1918 France to save Nicholas Keynes.

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