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Kevjumba passed by me on his bike and gave me a dirty look for no reason when I made eye contact with him.He once walked into our Queer Studies class on accident, and when he found out it was "Queer Studies" he started acting real rude.Kev Jumba (Kevin Wu) is one of the top You Tube comedy stars to date (no doubt, the top You Tube star in Davis.) As an entering Art Major (now Communications Major) a part the UC Davis class of 2012, Kevin gained notoriety for his You Tube channel which began during his high school years.It is said that much of Kevin's humor is built around his Asian identity with his traditional Asian father playing a major role in his videos.Since his dad was a computer engineer, Kev Jumba made a fascination for internet surfing when he was at high school.He eventually became bewitched by the stand-up humor events of Dave Chapelle; a comedian-cum-actor. The very first video Kev Jumba postedwhere he’d a break-dance in his yard hardly gained any appreciation.

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Similar to fellow vlogger Nigahiga, Wu became one of the most popular You Tubers in the industry’s early days.The journalist jeff Yang and author eulogizes Wu due to his capabilities.Kevin’s enthusiasm for video-making finally forced him decide to drop out of school.You can find an extensive web page on Kev Jumba on Wikipedia. withdrew from UC Davis for one quarter (Fall 2010) to join his father on the 2010 season of Amazing Race, making him the second known UC Davis student to be on the show.Talk amongst fellow peers reveals that he's not as "Asian" as he may portray as on You Tube.

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