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Researchers argued that similar programs could vastly improve the quality of life of many individuals diagnosed with cancer.

Through this increased knowledge about genetic predisposition to cancer, individuals have been able to make empowered decisions for their own treatments.

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The organization also maintains a Research & Training Institute in Philadelphia and a Cancer Policy Institute in Washington, D. Today's blog post is by Kim Thiboldeaux, CEO of the Cancer Support Community.This blog post also appears this month in the Huffington Post, and you can read more of Kim’s Huffington Post blog posts here.Recently, a friend confessed to experiencing cancer awareness month fatigue.While there are some consistent themes across the various diagnoses, people with different kinds of cancer have issues that are more specific, or even unique to their diseases.At the same time, we researched traditional definitions of value in health care so that we could compare them with the definitions put forward by people with mbc.

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