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All of the site rules apply here and please keep in mind, this is a public forum.This is the place for all the things we do for fun not covered by a dedicated forum.It houses hundreds of thousands of Engineering Drawings of Rootes Vehicles including over ten thousand drawings related to Tigers and Alpines.

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The forums require you to register before you can participate in threads and to get support with the game.If you are into RC, boats, helicopters, modeling, scale trains, control line flying, POV flying, model rocketry, antique engines, slot car racing, or any amateur pastime that is undertaken for pleasure or relaxation, check it out. 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Ralph Wiggum, RM57, ROACH 33, Rocky Mtn, samy316, setay73, SI Metman, skurey, tejdog1, The President, The Masked Man, the_stone31, TLC, trikery, Tuscany Tile, ugotta Believe, virginia_native, Willie777, ya_know_what_im_sayin?General topics about a specific vehicle should be posted in the General TDI Dicussion Forum sections for that vehicle platform. Discussion around the VW Dieselgate Emissions scandal. goto=newpost&t=448336 This forum is a work in progress depending on requirements, usage, etc.Discussion area for the 2012 Passat TDI (North American and rest of world versions versions).

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