Meter data validating editing estimation

This involves comparing sensor data from multiple sensors and determining which sensor readings to use, or using some formula, like estimating the average, to derive a reading to be used.For applications that need data for analysis or billing, even when data quality is suspect or missing, the data will need to be estimated or edited.Sensor data quality issues have been a long-standing problem in many industries.For utilities, who collect sensor data from electric, water, gas and smart meters, the process for maintaining sensor data quality is called “validation, estimation and editing,” or VEE.Conditions can change so rapidly that anomalies and deviations may not be detected in time with traditional techniques.

However, the sheer scale of data being produced by tens of thousands of sensors on individual machines is outpacing the capabilities of most industrial companies to keep up.

Accordingly, all steps in the VEE process must be audited, and historical values maintained so there is traceability from new values, compared to those currently in the system.

This is important because some analytics and decisions based on data can only be performed on valid actual data while others can use estimated data.

Estimation is where values of missing, or invalid, readings are created according to a configurable set of rules and properties.

Editing is used when manual verification and editing of certain readings is required.

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