Methods updating instance variables java

The only way this would be false is if the non-static context did not have access to the static member (ex.

the static member is private to a class and the non-static code is not in that class). One of the most common is to precede the var name with the class name, since static vars are per class.

One of the ways we can enforce data encapsulation is through the use of accessors and mutators.

This is why it's not reasonable for a Non-Static Method (which not demands an object instantiation) to modify a field that should be instantiated.

This works well when the initialization value is available and the initialization can be put on one line.

However, this form of initialization has limitations because of its simplicity.

Let's learn how to program accessors and mutators in Java.

As an example, we'll use a Person class with the state and constructor already defined: An accessor method is used to return the value of a private field.

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