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RVI/RVC designation and reference number is positioned by the 'SMITHS' (arrow).The original polarity is also indicated (circled), probably on all chrome-bezel tachs, but not the 77 and later plastic tachs.I filled the air manifold ports with 7/16" bolts, cut & ground them to fit, and peened them with a center punch and small hammer to make them look like the cast iron head material.They are difficult to see even when you are looking at the engine up close and personal.Vacuum hose routing for the anti run-on valve is shown too.This photo is larger than it needs to be so you can move it around and get a close look at some of the hose routings.Googling the first of those has a couple of suppliers describing it as a 'tachometer retaining strap', which doesn't seem to be the right thing, and they also give applicable dates from 64 to 76 and say it is also for the V8, both of which are clearly incorrect.But A-Head 4 Healeys converts that part number to 1S4150, which appears to be the complete assembly of metal and nylon parts, plus wire, washer and nut, at £22.

The Parts catalogue indicates these are 27H8215 for the 'Core', and 13H784 for the 'Loop-sleeve (nylon)'.As before the earth wire goes under one of the knurled nuts securing the tach in the dash, the position for the gauge illumination lamp is on the left, and the insulated holder for the ignition warning lamp on the right. this time with earth wires going to a spade spot-welded to the tach case instead of under one of the knurled screws.This type only has the night-time illumination in the gauge.Rubber bumper voltage-triggered RVC tach with male bullet for trigger wire and 12v spade close by as above, but this now has an earth spade on the back of the case.This type only has the position for the gauge illumination bulb holder, the ignition warning light is now in the binnacle.

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