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'Much loved', the movie by Nabil Ayouch presented in Cannes and censored, tells the story of four prostitutes in Marrakech, lifting the veil on one of the city's main businesses.

There is no intermediary, Moroccan women offer themselves directly.

Those seeking to change life are looking for a passport as well as a lifelong income. In the ancient Jewish district Mellah, women offering sex are older and tariffs go down to 20 Dirham, or 2 euros for sex just two steps from the souk. And then there are those who, outside the country's borders, organize dedicated tours for the most demanding clients - with specialized websites listing locations and tariffs in the main cities, giving advice on how to approach prostitutes, the best period for a trip and the best discos.

The survey by the health ministry revealed that out of the 19,000 prostitutes interviewed, most were illiterate, divorced or widows (between 62and 73%), and that they had sex for the first time when they were between 15 and 19 years of age.

And they fight for their share of the market with competitors who hail from central Africa.

They are aged on average between 18 and 20, they cost between 500 to 700 Dirham, or 50 to 70 euros.

The most beautiful, often selected by night clubs, can charge up to 300 euros a night, with dinner paid by the client included.

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You recognize the fact that they are prostitutes by the way they dress and they look at potential clients.

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Most live on their own (between 60 and 70%) but support someone financially (in 50-80% of cases), often children (up to 56%) or their family of origin.

The majority (54%) revealed they had not used a condom in the 30 days before they were interviewed for the survey, either because they weren't carrying one or because their client did not want to use it.

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