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Let me address some of the bigger misconceptions before we delve into all this. Yes, they’ve had a few incidents from time to time over the last decade, but this is not unlike many western cities.As long as you stay in this part of the country, and really even surrounding areas, you’re more than fine, and a lot safer than some Latin countries for sure.Nairobi has been on the up and up for awhile, and that definitely includes the sex scene, which is far less inundated with working girls than other countries.Indeed, Nairobi is pretty incredible in more ways than one, and an ideal location for guys that are more into the non-pro side of things – although there are plenty of pro and semi-pro girls here. Allow me to introduce you to Nairobi, and the 5 best places to meet Kenyan girls for sex in the capital.They are great for those who don’t have time to do a personal meeting and follow up the route.Here is our pick of the best 10 dating apps and sites in Kenya at the moment.

The language barrier is practically non existent as well, with the overwhelming majority of residents learning English from the 1st grade and on.Seriously, these girls are badasses, but not in a standoffish way.And most of them love indulging in the muzungus passing through.You can text like SMS and talk to anyone nearby easily. Dating sites are becoming more and more popular in Kenya, thanks to this digital generation.

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