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When he returns to his office, he finds that one of his friends has to leave Bombay on transfer, but is not willing to leave.

Kishan uses this opportunity to escape from his father and ugly wife and opts for the transfer instead of him and leaves Bombay.

Directed by our very own very intelligent director @rind_farooq written by #hashim Nadeem, presented by Momal Productions .

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We reached out to Yumna Zaidi for finding out more about her character.Breaking: Heer Maan Ja Will Feature Four Songs The Split …….“عشق ذھے نصیب” coming soon only on @humtvpakistanofficial , honored to be the part of this project.But when he goes back to the station to find Chandu, he cannot find her, but instead he meets her in his house as a servant-maid.Chandu finds that her husband has married another woman and gets shocked.

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