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It is now a dating directory of sites for those who prefer their 'birthday suit' to clothing.

Basically, the sites listed here are specifically for singles interested in meeting other nude singles.

While some people are not comfortable with nudity, the members on the sites here embrace it as a large part of how they live their lives.

If you are looking for other local nudist singles in your area, check out the sites below to see if any are of interest.

Well, if you are look for like-minded nudists and naturists, click below to visit Local Nudist Singles.

Only a mentally brave teen would be willing to break the norm and stick to what they believe in– and sadly not very many young adults do this!

2.) Misinformation Most teens are told that being a nudist is a sexual orientation such as being a lesbian or a homosexual and because nudism is seen in this light instead of the light of being a body positive way of life, young adults are dissuaded from the idea.

In this article, we are going to be discussing six reasons younger adults are not so willing to become nudists. One of the strongest forces that affect, influence and shape a teen is peer pressure.

The need to be accepted by your peers becomes paramount in a person's teenage years.

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