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Her older daughter Julie wants to go on a camping trip with her friend and a couple of boys.Julie threatens to leave her mother and live with her Dad unless Ann says she can go.Ann refuses to give in to Julie simply because she can't afford it, but that is when David steps in offering to kick in some financial aid for the Romano/Cooper household.Ann is throwing a party in her apartment and has invited other tenants in the building.However, once she and Julie manage to talk Ann into allowing it, they hit another roadblock ... The girls soon talk David into chaperoning the party while Ann is away at a wedding and secretly plot to have the guests sneak in the beer.Ann is excited when she comes home with the news that she got a new job.Guest star: Robert Mandan One evening after a date, David and Ann get cozy on the couch, but Barbara and Julie decide to put the kibosh on any intimacy.However, David makes the decision that it is the perfect time to ask Ann to marry him and gives her one week to come up with the answer.

Newly divorced and scared Ann Romano is up for her first decision.The following is a list of episodes for the American television sitcom, One Day at a Time.The series premiered on December 16, 1975 on CBS, and ended on May 28, 1984.It soon becomes apparent to everyone but Ann that she is headed for her first fling since her marriage ended.Ann comes down with a bad case of jealousy when Julie and Barbara begin spending time with their father's steady girlfriend, Candy.

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    By 1924 they started making the famous Pendleton man’s wool shirt and by 1929 they were producing a full line of menswear.