One year dating anniversary plans

"One of those friends was the woman that would become my best friend, my confidant, my muse, my beautiful wife. You make me smile every day and you inspire me to be the best version of myself. I love you.” Unfortunately, with the Jonas Brothers firmly back in town and promoting new music, the couple couldn’t be together for their big day, but Priyanka’s own post revealed exactly how her husband made sure she had the best anni ever. Even though he was busy and we were apart, he made sure I celebrated our one year anniversary with my fave!Well, when you can’t be there yourself, make sure Mariah Carey can stand in your spot. The incomparable @mariahcarey #Mimi — you were amazing! #mimi meets mimi wearing @mimi A post shared by Priyanka Chopra Jonas (@priyankachopra) on Posting the backstage pic of her and Mariah, Priyanka spilled: "The best husband ever... Even though he was busy and we were apart, he made sure I celebrated our one year anniversary with my fave! in the future will now solely revolve around Mariah Carey.You’ll get to experience something new together and share something you’ll never forget. Pack food and wine for the trip so you’ll be able to make a night of it. Research and cue up a long list of recommended movies in each genre the two of you enjoy. Get fancy cocktail supplies — nice glasses, nice liquor, fancy ice cubes — so that you two can make a cocktail after a long day and feel like your the stars of . Cook them their favorite food a bunch of different ways.Make it so that it will be a time before you’ll have to waste time trying to figure out which movie to watch again for a night in. Put on some romantic music and play strip monopoly. If it’s chicken wings, make some in a bunch of varieties of sauce.When a gift-giving event like an anniversary comes around, you’ll have a ton of options to choose from. Print a meaningful compliment on an object they’ll use every day: 41.Write them a short story where they are the main character. Plan a crazy outdoor adventure that’s a bit beyond your normal comfort zone. Rent a boat for an evening and go on a romantic sunset cruise.Gift all the envelopes together so your partner can look forward to a whole year of fun, pre-planned outings with you. Build a fire on a beach and spend all evening holding each other and telling each other your favorite memories of being a couple. Use an app that rounds up your purchases and put the money in a special savings account so you two can take a romantic vacation to somewhere you’ve always wanted to travel together. Go someplace in your city that has a romantic view.Bring supplies for a picnic and leisurely go through this list of questions and get to know each other even better. Spend a few weeks jotting down a note in your phone every time you think of something about them you love and are grateful for.

Make concrete plans to be able to cross a few things off within the next year. You’ll surprise them with some things they want but wouldn’t buy for themselves. If you have kids, surprise them by getting a sitter or having a family member care for your kids all day so you can spend a lazy day stay-cationing at home.

Get some yummy smelling oils and treat them to the fruits of your labor. If you’re dating a huge sports fan, save up and give them the experience of a lifetime by gifting them front row or courtside seats to their favorite team. Spend your anniversary at a local charity or do some volunteer work.

You found love and what better way to spend delivering love than helping others feel some compassion and kindness too? If your partner is artistically inclined, buy them a sketch pad and some nice art materials.

They’ll be touched that you’re encouraging to spend time with themselves pursing their hobby. Get an old school NES or Nintendo 64 from Amazon and spend a night embracing Nostalgia and having a Mario Kart tournament. Fill their room with balloons and on each balloon sharpie something that you love about them. Make a handwritten letter for them detailing some of your favorite memories you’ve had together for the last year. Whenever you come across something your partner would love, add it to your Amazon wishlist.

No matter how big or small, just keep track of anything that strikes you as really “them” over the course of the year.

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