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You go to improv classes, public speaking classes and read books on charisma and small talk.

You are trying very hard to be more extroverted and thus, a better salesman.

After all that education and practice, you may now score 60% on the extroversion spectrum.

Compare that to someone who just naturally scored 75% and you’d still be more introverted than them despite all that work!

This is because there are two aspects to every human’s personality.

Now I have a boyfriend who scores about 25% on the extroversion spectrum.

This means he’s slightly less extroverted than I am but our compatibility is a lot more in line. Now that you see how important personality compatibility is for a successful relationship, I am going to go into each of these in detail.

Each of these traits also has a polar opposite and your dominant traits will land somewhere along the spectrum of these traits and their polar opposite.

Here is a chart so that you can see each personality trait’s spectrum.

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