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The gist of overclocking by multiplier is to increase the maximum multiplier.

If you have fitting hardware, overclocking a CPU by multiplier is as easy as going into UEFI or BIOS and increasing maximum multiplier.

Performance has always been an outstanding issue for Planet Side 2, as it’s a beautiful and demanding MMO game that’s played on a huge variety of PCs.

This guide is a compilation of all available information regarding tuning Planet Side 2 and will arm you with knowledge necessary for best possible looks and performance.

Naturally, game’s performance depends on the quality of your computer’s software and hardware, so that’s where we will start.

If you don’t own a PC, or your PC is below recommended specifications, you will have to upgrade or buy a PC. Planet Side 2 is an MMO game released in 2012, with potentially hundreds of players in a battle.

Pretty much any CPU can be overclocked by raising BCLK.

As a Planet Side 2 streamer, the Recursion Tracker is practically a necessity.

Both of these parameters determine how fast can the PC get the data in and out of RAM.

Higher Frequency is better, and lower Timings are better.

This wiki is dedicated to providing the community with tools to discuss the ever evolving universe of Planet Side.

Inspired from legendary games like Unreal Tournament, Quake, Duke Nukem, and Mortal Kombat, the tracker includes optional in game vocals for both achievements and other moments.

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