Powerpoint master footer not updating

Open your Power Point presentation and click on the "View" tab.

Click "Slide Master" from the Master Views section to launch a new tab.

Insert a specific layout in your presentation by clicking on the "New Slide" button on the Home tab and choosing the slide layout from the options.

Save your presentation as a template so you can use the same master slide in future presentations.

The moment you add a Slide Number to your slides in Normal view, you expect to see them immediately thereafter.

The rest of the slides are for specific layouts, for example the Title Slide Layout or the Title and Content Layout.Choose the text box on the slide that you want to change and then select the new font from the Font section of the Home tab.Click the "Slide Master" tab when you're done editing.The slide area changes to show the different slide masters on the left and the editing options for the selected slide master in the main area.Select the slide master you want to edit from the list on the left.

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