Roche non sedating anxiety antidepressant santacruzdating com

If psychiatry considers this a “treatment,” they’re the crazy ones.If you’ve ever seen someone who has suffered from the “spill” courtesy of following doctor’s orders, you can’t mistake one of the most common side effects, it’s called Akathisia.

Fully under the psychiatric spell, they’ve tuned out.The areas of the brain responsible for release and reuptake of these neurotransmitters are so damn similar (after all, they work on the same molecule) that an antidepressant drug isn’t smart enough to understand which one it is supposed to work on.So it does what any dumb drug would do, it blocks both.Perhaps these questions are what motivated me to pursue a career as a drug design chemist, winning multiple awards for my work.Nothing gets me more excited than drugs and how they affect the body (except my wife’s abs).

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