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Talking about stats, Planet Romeo has over ten million users (I never knew there are as many gay people in the world), you can start a chat with different people anytime and anywhere.Planet Romeo makes hook-ups easier by offering you the IOS or Android app.Sharing a black and white image of the baby's feet, the " Romeo, however, refrained from providing any more details including the baby's name, sex or birthday.Not only did Romeo hesitate to share information about his second child, but he also didn't find it necessary to reveal his baby's mother.You can also share your favorite hardcore gay porn on this page too...I won’t go without mentioning the “cruise” feature of Planet Romeo. With this feature, you can see who has been viewing your profile and also the number of times they’ve visited (you can start a flirty chat by messaging them first).Yes, Planet Romeo is accessible on your mobile phone (you don’t have to be behind the computer every time to talk to your lovers or fuck-buddies).The Android version gives you the chance to even do a live video chat with your favorite gay partners.

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Another exciting thing about this website is that there are no restrictions on the number of messages or number of people you can add (you can even see many people willing to have sex with you in your area).

The so-called haters often failed to take notice of his past romances with women and kids borne from the said relationships.

Gay or not, Romeo remains a dedicated father to his children and a hero in the eyes of his fans.

Or have you thought of how you can get a male partner to be with? Then worry no more, Planet is the website for you (honestly, it is! Straight to today’s business, as you guys know that I am here to review the most erotic and sexiest websites you have ever seen, today, I am here to talk about Planet Romeo.

As funny as the name sounds, Planet Romeo is not a porn site but rather a dating website (Sorry, I know you porn addicts are sad, I’m sad too).

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