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Related: The History and Evolution of the Smartphone (1992 - 2018) 4.Americans send roughly 26,033,333,333 (26 billion) text messages every day. Americans send roughly 182,233,333,333 (182.2 billion) text messages every week. Americans send roughly 781,000,000,000 (781 billion) text messages every month. Americans send roughly 9,372,000,000,000 (9.4 trillion) text messages every year. On average, each American sends and receives 94 text messages per day. On average, each American sends and receives 658 text messages per week. On average, each American sends and receives 2,819 text messages per month. On average, each American sends and receives 33,834 text messages per year. 1,084,722,222 texts are sent every hour in the United States. 18,078,704 texts are sent every minute in the United States. 301,312 texts are sent every second in the United States.(Pew Research Center) Source: Pew Research Center Adults tend to text to set something up - coordinate schedules, share an update, check a fact, etc.

A couple of personalized texts from your office can be the difference between a young adult who attends college and one who doesn’t. Related: Custom Viewbook, Text Request Partner in Higher Education Technology 96.

Part of this is because teens are generally more social.

As a percentage of communication, teens and adults text about the same. Related: How Many Texts Do People Send Every Day (2018)? The number of texts sent each day in America has grown 23% since 2016.

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