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Scientists already know that Neanderthals and Homo sapiens mated.

Geochronological database considered in the work and characterizing the Anabar collision system in the Northeast Siberian craton includes coordinated results of Sm-Nd and Rb-Sr dating of samples from crustal xenoliths in kimberlites, deep drill holes, and bedrock outcrops.

We know next to nothing about this mysterious species and our hopes of finding out more comes down to a single Siberian cave.

All we have is a tooth, a finger bone, some very old jewellery, a crayon and some DNA*.

All tree-ring proxies proved to encode a significant and specific climatic signal of the growing season.

Our findings suggest that TRW, MXD, and CWT show strong negative summer air temperature anomalies in 536, 541–542, and 1258–1259 at all studied regions.

As the crow flies this is a journey of some 1,500 km (930 miles) but as scientist Yaroslav Kuzmin told us ‘the actual distance that obsidian ‘walked’ is at least 2,000 km (1240 miles).

At the time Zhokhov Island - now part of the De Long Islands in the New Siberian archipelago - was connected to the Siberian mainland, and the climate was milder than today. Obsidian was used by ancient people at a famous site on Zhokhov for tools: the black or green volcanic glass, an extrusive igneous rock, was a material of choice.

Scientists would like to know if the Denisovans mated directly with Homo sapiens or whether their DNA has been passed to Homo sapiens through Neanderthals.New work published in the science journal Nature and involving a team of researchers at the University of Wollongong in NSW is helping us understand more about this species and how it interacted with early humans. They roamed across Asia about the same time as the Neanderthals.The Denisova cave in Russia is the only place in the world known to have been occupied by all three species: the Denisovans, Neanderthals and early modern humans.The signal stored in and ALT mainly responded the first year after the eruptions, whereas at TAY, the growth response occurred after 2 years.The fact that differences exist in climate responses to volcanic eruptions – both in space and time – underlines the added value of a multiple tree-ring proxy assessment.

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