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“The Sri Lanka blasts were both sophisticated and well coordinated, making it very likely that the attackers received some sort of training and assistance from ISIS — possibly from one of the group’s bases in the Philippines or elsewhere in the region,” she said.

“It is too early to tell the degree of involvement from ISIS — beyond inspiration and even embedding the jihadi DNA in local extremist groups,” said Juan Zarate, the chairman of Financial Integrity Network, a consulting firm, and a former deputy national security adviser for counterterrorism in the George W. “That said, we should not be too dismissive of ISIS claims or capabilities,” he added.

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“We cannot say yet.” “There seems to have been foreign involvement,” he added. New Zealand has not yet seen any intelligence upon which such an assessment might be based.” Slater reported from Colombo, Sri Lanka.

The forces of the Islamic State may no longer control a swath of territory across Iraq and Syria, but the coordinated attacks in Sri Lanka demonstrated that the resilient group can still sow carnage beyond the borders of its former “caliphate.” Even a landless Islamic State is influential, as a facilitator of attacks and an inspiration for its followers, including the ones who blew themselves up in churches and hotels Easter morning, killing at least 359 people, terrorism experts said. Its most notable activity before Sunday was vandalizing Buddhist temples, said Rita Katz, co-founder of the SITE Intelligence Group, a terrorism analysis organization.

The 9th ‘Colombo Defence Seminar - 2019’ at the BMICH, the Sri Lanka Army’s flagship symposium on security developments at national and international level with this year’s thematic focus on ‘Evolving Military Excellence in the Contemporary Security Landscape’ drew to a close this evening (30) after an assortment of world-wide security experts and a gathering...

The Army-choreographed cultural spectacle for 'Colombo Defence Seminar - 2019' (CDS) participants that went on boards Thursday (29) evening at Hotel Shangri La mesmerized and held the audiences spellbound for about...

My security division knew about the advance notice [of the attack]; I did not.” While officials examined their own failures, some looked outside the country to help explain the bloody attacks. “It’s also true that terrorist organizations are often opportunistic in the way that they claim justification or rationalization for their attacks, so it’s possible that the minister’s comments reflect something that is emerging in the investigation from talking to suspects linked to the perpetrators,” he said.

State Minister of Defense Ruwan Wijewardene told Parliament that the bombings were carried out in retaliation for shootings that claimed 50 lives at two mosques in Christchurch, New Zealand, by an avowed white supremacist. “It is possible [that Sunday’s attacks] could have been because of the Christchurch attacks,” Prime Minister Ranil Wickremesinghe said at a news conference. The office of New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern released a statement Tuesday: “We understand the Sri Lankan investigation into the attack is in its early stages.

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