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"I'm not saying whether I am in a relationship now or I'm not, but I went on the show with zero intention to leave the show in a relationship," he explained on the episode titled "Prenups In Paradise," according to E! "Almost actually fighting it, to leave in a relationship."While Dean remained coy about his current relationship status, an inside source revealed that his intentions to stay a single man didn't go as planned.

“They [Dean and Caelynn] both went to Paradise and really hit it off there, but then Dean got cold feet and left,” an insider told People.

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However, he hung a West Ham football team poster above his bed, much to the bemusement of Ron, who could not believe Dean would find a game with only one ball, two goals, and where no one was allowed to fly, interesting, prodding the poster in an attempt to get the football players to move.

Dean (although a half-blood) could not prove that he had any wizarding heritage and was therefore in danger when Lord Voldemort took control of the Ministry of Magic in 1997.

Dean was forced to go on the run to avoid arrest and imprisonment by the Muggle-Born Registration Commission, missing his seventh year of schooling.

Though he’s friends with Unglert, Adams didn’t disagree.

He told Miller-Keyes that no woman’s ever been able to “wrangle” him before, and that she should have a conversation with him about his intentions post-show. “DEAN IS GOING TO DUMP CAELYNN ON HER BIRTHDAY YOU HATE TO SEE IT LMAO #Bachelor In Paradise,” wrote another.

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