The office andy dating erin

Andy: At my last head shot sitting, I was so distracted wondering what I was missing at work that I came across totally manic. David Wallace: So you—you want to quit Dunder Mifflin to pursue acting? David Wallace: Uh-huh, but— Andy: Every minute that I spend here is time not spent making audition videos for reality dating, cooking or singing shows. And I’ll never be able to forgive myself if I blew it because I was too focused on my stupid paper company job. David Wallace: So you think you’ve been too focused on your job? Jim: Uh, well, it took me a while, but I finally realized that I can’t give 100% to two things at once you know. Half the time I don’t know if I’m wearing my stage makeup or my work makeup. Well, you know, you can’t have everything so you gotta ask yourself what makes you the happiest. Dwight: I would like to invite you all to my black belt ceremony, right here in the office at lunch, lunch not provided. [kicking and punching] Basher, Thrasher, Crasher and— Jim: Smasher! My new sensei, sensei Billy, thought I had more than enough training to take the test. Sensei Billy says most students don’t spend 0,000 over 20 years to get their black belt. Sensei: It’s not a large room, I think they heard me. We don’t just tell each other how we feel, that’s chick stuff. I don’t want you to leave.” You say something like, “Hey, Andy, you’re making the worst mistake of your life. Dwight: He will now perform the ceremonial changing of the belts!

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You’re meant for a job with lots and lots of slack.

David Wallace: This isn’t going to be an easy conversation. David Wallace: There’s probably no way I can talk you into staying at this point, can I?

So I was wondering if I could maybe have my desk back.

Oscar: [noticing Angela looking very unkempt] Is everything ok?

And while I was out picking Phillip up from daycare, they came.

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