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The world’s largest introduction service, Together Dating, can now be referred to as the longest standing introduction service in the U. With a total of 60 locations and affiliates throughout North America, Together Dating Service celebrates their 30th year of matchmaking.

“Over the past 30 years, we have seen the dating service industry evolve, from a proliferation of personal ads to innumerable online dating services.

As the world’s largest ‘brick and mortar’ introduction service, Together continues to position itself as an industry leader with a recognizable name that customers can trust.

That quality assurance has been, and will remain, the key to our success and what sets it apart from other personal introduction services,” said Brad Megahan, President of Together Dating Service.

That commitment to our members has played a significant role in our longevity.” DATING THROUGH THE YEARS Together Dating Service, headquartered in Baltimore, MD was founded in 1974 in Rochester, New York. In 1997, Together Dating Service corporate underwent a significant reorganization as franchisee Brad Megahan took the reigns as the company’s President.


ROMANTIC LOCATIONS North American locations and affiliates of Together are: California (Encino, Irvine and Los Angeles); Florida (Palm Beach); Indiana (Ft.

I'm trying for my money back, but meanwhile I intend to post this wherever I can find chat site. Speaking as a guy who wants to meet younger (Hi Classylady, I cannot comment on Southern California as I live in the Bay Area. He then had a come-to-Jesus discussion with the owner.

One of these services mentioned above - Together Dating - is horrible. They are like used car salesman - very high pressure sales tactic. My business partner (36-year-old male) had good results here with a dating service run by a woman named Kelleher. The very next date led to a long-term relationship that came very close to marriage. I had a female client (38-years-old) who used a ~00 dating service in the East Bay (either Walnut Creek or Berkeley---not sure). ron Dating Services and Singles Parties I've always found singles parties fun and enjoyable and a good alternative to dating services and the "bar scene." You can often meet 100's of singles in one evening and check them out face-to-face.

He continued, “Early on, we found that security and personalization were the two most important things clients sought.

We focus on customer service, customer service and customer service, striving to provide the highest quality matchmaking service within the industry.

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