True confessions of an online dating addict

Follow along as she meets unavailable men, stalkers, conquistadors, younger men, older men, and even tries to give up dating altogether!This is the perfect book for those of you who date online, who are intrigued by the prospect, or who have been happily married and wonder what the heck really goes on in the world of Internet dating."My impression before I did this was that the people online were weirdos but that is just not the case," she said.But among the good people there were those who were dishonest about themselves and their reason for being online – as there are always creeps in any bar.This book is a true first-person account of the author’s experiences with cyber dating and tracks her evolution from initiation into the online dating arena through eight years of“Confessions of An Online Dating Addict” is a humorous and honest look at the world of Internet dating.

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I remember being a reporter and covering amazing things like a bombing but really wanting to insert myself into the story somewhere, but there was no room for that back then in hard-news reporting. One challenge is that there are always people who do not like what I write—even though I go to great lengths to disguise identities of my dates—but people in my family, if they are mentioned, are not always pleased.

Her therapist even wrote a section in her book about how the ability to build a fantasy life online can be hard to leave. People date online for a lot of reasons – some are lonely, some just want to IM (instant message) and never meet, some want friendship, marriage or just sex," she said.

"But it is not a real experience unless you are prepared to get out from behind your computer screen and go live it." Throughout W24’s series A Seat at the Table, phenomenal women from all ages have shared their thoughts, opinions and wisdoms.

How is this different from your other kinds of writing?

I had two other artists before I discovered Amber Shields we met at a graphic novel writing class.

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