Updating database of manual pages

Datasheets are grids of data that look like Excel worksheets.You can change data by working directly in Datasheet view.In a form or datasheet that contains only a small number of records, you can use the record navigation buttons to navigate through the records until you find the one you want.When there are many records, you can use the Find and Replace dialog box and filter for the record.There are several ways to update data in an Access database.You add a record to your database when you have a new item to track, such as a new contact to the Contacts table.Typically, you use datasheets when you need to see many records at once.Top of Page You must first find a record before you can edit or delete it.

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In turn, each of the controls on the form either reads data from or writes data to an underlying table field.

When you add a new record, Access appends the record to the end of the table.

You also change fields to stay up-to-date, such as a new address or last name.

You can use lists in forms, and in tables and queries.

Access has three types of lists — value lists, lookup fields and multivalued lists.

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