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So you can still boot-up the old kernel if the new kernel is funky. I still have to make the modules yet and move the kernel into place. The installation disk has a rescue mode if I screw up very bad. Mike Originally posted by Bob Guy Why do you need the kernel on a floppy disk? Official devfs FAQ: is the only distribution I know of, that uses devfs. I think "quiet" just causes less verbosity at boot time.The installation cd is bootable, (rescue mode) so you can repair your system. Must have a gazillion modules - It has been making for 45 minutes. So far, I have re-installed the Nvidia driver and rebuilt the modem driver to match kernel flavor. What does this line in lilo mean: append="quiet devfs=mount hdd=ide-scsi acpi=off" ? hdd=ide-scsi tells the kernel to use the scsi emulation for your secondary slave CDR device instead of the IDE CDROM driver. Mandragora officinarum, mandrake This attempt to explain the name is, mostly, taken from ‘Mystic Mandrake’, C.The most logical explanation for the name is that it was Latinised from two Sanskrit words; ‘Mandros’, ‘sleep’ and ‘Agora’, ‘substance’.Then, I tried to update evolution and it failed due to dependencies.I located the lib rpm and installed it, but it would not update evolution. Is there a way from the command line to accomplish this?Mike I don't know what's on that CD, or if there are instructions or what, but if all the rpms are in the one directory, and it's been properly set up with all dependencies present, I'd try something like mounting the CD, and entering the directory where the rpms are, and typing: rpm -Uvh *If it still complains about dependencies, and you feel lucky (this could break some of the software if dependencies are really not met) rpm -Uvh --nodeps *My guess is that you don't have all the packages installed that contain dependencies that these rpms you're trying to install need. This made installation of updates easy since it was now locating the needed dependencies.My advice would be to copy the rpms that you do need to update, into a directory somewhere and install any dependencies it complains about. bonobo-devel or glade-devel) For example, obviously if you don't have apache or php/mysql installed (and related machinery) you can't apply the updates. I went back to the install cd and found the original files and tried to install those. Don't know what happened yet, but it looks like time to start over. Don't know exactly yet what made things work right for this because I did not do anything differently - I don't think I did anyway. The update part does just that, it updates only the software packages that you have installed, it does not install any packages that you do-not already have on your system. Basically you install the packages, then the updater keeps those up-to-date as new security, bug fixes, features, become available.

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(Or so I think.) env path=/usr/java/jdk1.3.1_01/bin: What I am wondering though is if I do this, do I lose the rest of the contents of the path variable that are created with the install?

The only things I removed were laptop stuff, raid, ISDN, Watchdog, the rest is still there untouched.

From here, if it works, I will rebuild again taking out one or two things at a time until I learn this completely.

officinarum A variation of ‘officinale’ from the Latin for workshop or office and, thus, given to the species of a plant which was sold in shops or pharmacies and, by extension, a useful plant.

(The 7.1 updates could be run completely from the CD image.) This page is to give step by step instructions for updating the distributions so that CDRoms can be cut which for example include all of the updated files or include extra rpm files of particular interest to your own site.

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