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So we compare equivalent source and destination columns to find non-match data.

13- Add another OLE DB Command and use non match output as the input data stream to it.

There is also an option for using Lookup component, which performs better especially if reference table is small.

The only consideration is that lookup only works with OLE DB Connection, but if you have other types of data sources, don't worry you can use Cache Component and Cache connection to bring them and load them into lookup.

BUT am getting million of records after union all from different local dbs after that sorting and sending to merge join its blocking at sorting can you tell me any better way Hi Anudeep, the blocking part of your package as you've mentioned is Sort Transformation.

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Actions that I make and assumptions: - In the target table, I place all persons in the origin and still not in the destination.UPSERT is about Update existing records, and Insert new records.Today I want to extend this to cover DELETED records as well.Set configuration for destination table and use columns with Source prefix in the column mapping of the OLE DB destination.This destination component will insert new records into the destination table.

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