Updating platform i86pc boot archive this may take a minute Filthy slut dating

The Jumpstart is pretty neat NFS-based installation process for Solaris available for both Ultra Sparc and x86.It provides flexible "unattended installation" allowing system administrators to categorize machines on their network and install different system components or even versions of OS based on the category to which a system belongs.I have one Solaris 10 virtual machine on vmware, I made it a jumpstart server for automated installation testing.As it is different than sparc versions so getting some errors while installing the machines through jumpstart. Thanks Heaps, Following are the files setting and the errors I am getting..:( Geeting errors while Installing a x-86 (solaris 10 server) through jumpstart? Solaris_10-1 : File exists Create a grub floppy and edit GRUB menu to contain the following entry: min_mem64 1024 title Solaris netinstall rarp kernel$ /I86PC.

- Starting ISC dhcp ISC dhcpd has a few options and is run like: interface0 If you run it without interface0 it will run on all interfaces.

It also provides the infrastructure to preserve installation information from one generation of sysadmins to another.

In its simplest form the Jumpstart process involves the following stages (RARP based IP address retrieval is OK for installation from "Jumpstart laptop" via crossover cable which is the classic way to use Jumpstart; if the images are somewhere on the the bootable CD/DVD is the way to go): February 18th, 2008 | A look into Solaris, by Derek Crudgington If you are using the Solaris dhcp server, stop now.

Some FAQ (and resource) pages exist at The "7 step" guide is at Description: A sixteen part tutorial about the configuration of the Jumpstart Enterprise Toolkit (JET).

Jumpstart and Jet have several ways and means to do an automatic installation, thus making the live of the admin much easier after youve done the initial setup.

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