Upper class dating

Have a poor command of the English language or the consistent use of incorrect grammar.

Nigerian and Russian scammers may have some command of the English language, but often use the wrong synonyms in sentences.

Us men are often brought up with a form of hierarchy if you will and that we need to obey them. And such we will often not see a doctor or really anyone that is socially above us or even below us as really our equals.

At times we actually view people and that men even that are are above us or below us socially as our rivals even. There is a very big difference between upper-class and wealthy.

why make things more difficult for yourself unneccesarily?

His mom (mind you we were adults at this time) called mine to discuss our "lifestyle difference." Very odd.

Then one of his friends went from liking me to downright i hate the resentment i hear in some people.

She looked down on my high-class but modest family because we don't value wealth but rather value happiness and health.

It was really weird to get to know them over time and see how horribly they treated each other.

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