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It behaves exactly the same even if I comment out the statement that turns Screen Updating back to True. I change the statement to Activate and it still flickers. End With, you're neither Selecting nor Activating so that you're not moving the cursor thus causing Screen Flicker. In re-reading the OP's query, I must confess I don't see how this apples to the post.

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You can achieve this by using the Screen Updating property of the Application object. Attachment 424796 ------------------------ Hello zanshin, 1. Screen Updating = True" that enables the screen to be updated with the final results. 8) There was created a variable named "Work Range" How the program does know that that range contains the range of "B3: B14"? Has Formula" This statement makes the macro process nly the cells without having formula. So we don't need defining extra variable to do that. "Type Name(Selection)" 5) There isn't an option named "Optionj Upper" but the code still work. It should have been "Option Upper" 6) What is "Str Conv"? Has Formula Then" What does it mean If a cell has formula it gets "TRUE" (Has Formula) but "NOT" confuses me here. Screen Updating = False" is used at the start of many subroutines, especially ones that may take several seconds or more, to turn off Excel's normal action of showing changes after each instruction in the macro. Near the end of the subroutine there should be the companion statement "Application. Hide" makes the dialog called "User Form1" with the 3 options and 2 buttons in this case, disappear (hide from view). In this case, it is checking whether the selection is indeed a range of cell before proceeding (it could be nothing or some other object and then the macro would not apply.) This is a good safety check rather than assuming the user has selected a range of cells. "Selection" is a built-in Excel variable to refer to whatever the user has selected when the macro was started. 10) What's the difference between Visual Basic Functions and Visual Basic Statements (Methods) as usage? 3) By "Dim cell As Range" cell is created as Range-type variable. Value, vb Upper Case" or "For Each Range In Work Range" There is no word for defining cells the word "range" The word "range" is used to do that as far as I know. "Type Name" is an Excel function to determine what data type the parameter is. 9) There was created a variable named "cell" How the program does know that that range is the one which selected cell? We may use the word "Range" rather than the word "cell" For example in these statements; "Range.value = Str Conv Range. 8) There was created a variable named "Work Range" How the program does know that that range contains the range of "B3: B14"?

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