Victorian dating list

The Department of Home Affairs has endorsed these lists through Victoria’s State Migration Agreement.We are in constant pursuit of rare, exquisite, and curious relics otherwise destined for obscurity.Men that had a biased and possibly unattainable idea of what women should look like.

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The Visa Nomination Occupation Lists are developed through extensive research and industry consultation to ensure that you have accurate information to start a new life in Victoria.Also at this time Victorian boys started wearing the Knickerbocker suit. In later years much like the girls, boys would wear smaller versions of what the adults would wear. Menswear in the 1800’s was not as set in stone as the ladies wear. Another prominent feature of a Victorian mans wardrobe was his hat.As you can see in the picture to the left, there are three men wearing three different styles. Victorian Hats were a necessity for many men in Victorian times The two most popular were the Top Hat and the Derby or Bowler hat.You may even want to buy a Victorian era hat while there.( I won’t get any commissions, I just thought it was a nice website and thought I’d share it) This slideshow requires Java Script.

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